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Forsythia Blooms
Purple Irises
Purple Irises
Yellow Irises
Early Roses
Early Roses

I love gardening but have a very small yard. I know Spring is coming as soon as the forsythia bloom. Next to bloom are the irises. My former neighbor gave me the purple plants many years ago and they always bloom. They give great hope to the Spring. I planted the yellow irises They always bloom later than the purple ones, I’ve never figured that out. The lilacs bloom in late May. They are short lived but so fragrant. My roses are vine roses. They are late Spring blooms.

I’ve always loved experimenting with vegetables and herbs. Most years are not so successful but I still love to do it. My garden is in pots. We tried garden beds but even with amendments to the soil, it never thrived. We switched to planting in pots and it has been somewhat more successful. I always start off enthusiastically, start seeds as well as plant from small plants and end up with very little harvest. It’s still fun to see it grow though. Part of the problem is that usually I am gone for much of the summer so I have to rely on nature for watering the plants. Nevertheless, my herbs do well-I have perennial mint and Greek oregano. Rosemary did well this year. Basil is much more finicky. Some times we get a fair amount. This past Summer it didn’t thrive. We love to grow hot peppers-jalapeños, habaneros, Serrano and other types. They tend to do well and we have an abundance of salsa and hot food. Tomato plants give us a fair amount of cherry tomatoes. They seem to do better in the pots than larger breeds. Nothing like a fresh picked tomato. We take some of the pots in over the winter before the frost. The peppers can do well indoors and the rosemary is doing quite well. These photos are some of my last harvests before the frost. Although very meager results, it’s always fun.

Pepper plant-end of season.
Last of the harvest before the first frost.
The morning glories come back every summer.

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