The Best Laid Plans—Isolation Thoughts…

After two years of more or less isolation from Covid, we were starting to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Since I don’t have any problems being home a lot, it didn’t bother me to self isolate as much as it bothered some people. Now after two years, masks, vaccines and boosters, I was starting to feel better about going places. Even though I am still hesitant to see people, be in a crowd or crowded environment; I was starting to feel better about going out, even traveling. I am still masked and hesitant but felt that I finally could start to do things again. Well, the best laid plans…

The past 5 months were particularly difficult as I had rotator cuff shoulder surgery in July. It put an end to my summer travel plans. It was a long, painful recovery but finally I am starting to feel stronger and closer to normal, so we were traveling a bit and planning ahead. We were away for Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house, did go to a museum and ate out. I was a bit nervous about it all, but it was nice to be out, see family and see artworks. Things have a way of not going quite as planned….

Well, this past week, my husband tested positive! We were shocked! He was not as careful about it all as I am, but was fully boosted and wore masks at least most of the time. He was going into the office a couple of days a week, but mostly driving, not using mass transit. Wednesday night after Thanksgiving, he was coughing up a storm so I told him to take a test before going in to the office on Thursday. Still, I was shocked when he was actually positive and to have to go through the full home isolation, all the cleaning, sanitation again just like in the beginning of Covid. Fearful for him and fearful that I would get it too. Fortunately, my husband had a very mild case, but it is all very unnerving. We kept waiting for it to get worse. Luckily the vaccines and Paxlovid seem to keep it mild. I keep cleaning, masking and testing to make sure I haven’t contracted it. So far so good. The question seems to be not if but when are you going to get it. I try to stay positive and hopefully I will get the nerve up to venture out into society again! Even this introverted homebody gets cabin fever at times. What are your experiences?

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