Recipes for a Cultural Experience-Easy Dinners: Taco Bar- Vegetarian Options


As I’ve said in other posts, we often travel to Mexico. I love the culture and the food. I try to make some easy dishes that I’ve eaten there and here. Every night can be taco night in my house.

I love a taco any way I make them. Sometimes I want a quick meal so I throw vegetables and chicken into the Slow Cooker. Other times I will make just vegetables with black beans. I’ll post those later. This recipe is a ground meat or vegetarian meat substitute with vegetables as the main ingredients. You can all add your favorite toppings and hot sauces to make that special taco.


1-2 lb 93% lean ground beef or vegetarian Impossible meat or Morningstar Crumbles. Other vegetarian brand ground options work as well.

(Increase amount of vegetables if you are making more meat/meat substitute)

1 red bell pepper sliced

1 yellow bell pepper sliced

1 chopped sweet onion

8 ounces Mushrooms sliced

1 cup baby spinach

Spilt spices for both the vegetable pan and meat pan. (Except taco seasoning-only for meat):

A bunch of Fresh Cilantro chopped or 2 tablespoons dried cilantro

1 jalapeños diced (remove the seeds if you want it less spicy)

4 tablespoons garlic powder

2 tablespoons ground Cumin

Juice of 1 lime

1 tablespoons Tajin spice

1-2 packets of Taco Seasoning (1 for each lb of meat)

Dash of salt

Flour or Corn Tortillas (soft or hard)


Spray the fry pans. In one pan, Sauté the meat/vegetarian meat until nicely browned, breaking up the chunks into smaller pieces. Add all of the spices stir and add half to a whole lime (half for 1lb). Add chopped cilantro. Stir turn down heat to very low. Add a dash of salt.

In the other pan, sauté the peppers, mushrooms, spinach and onions. You can add a dash of olive oil. Cook the vegetables until soft and browned. Add spices except taco seasoning. Add half a lime.

While it is cooking, get out all your toppings—guacamole, sour cream or crème fresh, shredded cheese, ( or vegan cheese substitutes), pico de gallo, olives, salsa and any other toppings that you like.

Warm the tortillas on the stove top in a pan or griddle for a few seconds on each side. You can also wet a paper towel and warm them on top in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Serve with your favorite hot sauce, chips, refried beans and Mexican rice.



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