Spring and Rose Blooms

Every Spring I wait for the spring blooms. First flowers in my tiny garden are the hyacinths, then the daffodils. I used to get the tulips but now I only get their leaves. I have a few perennial plants that bloom early as well- sweet william, azaleas and the irises. The purple irises are first to bloom. The yellow irises bloom later. At the end of May, the fragrant lilacs fill the air. Daylillies come out mid June.

I have two types of roses in my back garden. A dark fuchsia climbing rose and my favorite perfect pink rose. They are mid June bloomers but oh so beautiful. I seem to get only one great bloom, even when I prune them.

This year I planted some hollyhocks and lavender to add to the blooms. I used to have hollyhocks in the front but they faded or were pulled out by the condo gardeners. Hopefully they will flourish in the back. I planted various flower seeds so we’ll see how they do. In addition, I planted the usual bedding plants-tomatoes, peppers and herbs. Here’s to a mini bounty of veggies! 🌶️🍅

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