Traveling for a Cultural Experience

Mexican Flamingos One of my favorite experiences I had was on a trip to Mexico’s Yucatán Coast a couple of years ago. It was in January so a great getaway from the cold east coast winter. We stayed in Cancun for most of the trip, enjoyed the beach and pools, but also did some dayContinue reading “Traveling for a Cultural Experience”

Recipes for a Cultural Experience—Soup Weather

As the weather turns colder, I love to make a pot of soup for the week. It can warm you and envelop you with flavors from various cultures. Great anytime of the day. Black Bean Soup This recipe is a combination of a Cuban Black Bean Soup and a Mexican Black Bean Soup. The flavorsContinue reading “Recipes for a Cultural Experience—Soup Weather”

Noodle Kugel (Luchen Kugel)

Noodle Kugel (Luchen Kugel) is one of the standard traditional recipes in Jewish cooking. It is typically served on holidays or for the Sabbath. It is a dairy recipe so if you keep Kosher, you would have it on a milchik (dairy) night. I make it with just the dairy ingredients. Some people prefer itContinue reading “Noodle Kugel (Luchen Kugel)”


Recipes for a Cultural Experience Jewish Holiday Recipes Growing up in a small town in Northern Minnesota, maintaining a Jewish heritage was a challenge. Food was always the connection that brought us together. My Father had two brothers and all the families as well as my Grandmother were always together for the major holidays. MyContinue reading “Cooking”