Lake, Moon Views

This is the last week up at the lake for this summer. Summer is winding down. Up north, the nights have been cold and the leaves are starting to change. This weekend, we are back to some very warm temperatures but it comes with strong winds. Disappointing as I would like to kayak and floatContinue reading “Lake, Moon Views”

Spring and Rose Blooms

Every Spring I wait for the spring blooms. First flowers in my tiny garden are the hyacinths, then the daffodils. I used to get the tulips but now I only get their leaves. I have a few perennial plants that bloom early as well- sweet william, azaleas and the irises. The purple irises are firstContinue reading “Spring and Rose Blooms”

Traveling for a Cultural Experience

Mexican Flamingos One of my favorite experiences I had was on a trip to Mexico’s Yucatán Coast a couple of years ago. It was in January so a great getaway from the cold east coast winter. We stayed in Cancun for most of the trip, enjoyed the beach and pools, but also did some dayContinue reading “Traveling for a Cultural Experience”